Happy For You

Love & Family #3

Gay Romance NovelHappy for You by Anyta Sunday

He’s my brother’s best friend. My neighbor. My secret crush.

No amount of smiling can save my license when I get pulled over for the umpteenth time. Now I have six months without wheels.
Cue the return of the last guy I need charging back into my life. Mort, who left without a word. Mort, who was in love with my older brother.
Brilliant, charming, frustrating Mort.
He’s going to break my heart.

I’ve missed him. Haven’t stopped thinking about him. I’m desperate to repair our broken friendship.

Just . . . what if it’s more than friendship?

“Happy For You” is a slow burn, brother’s best friend, boy-next-door, bi-awakening romance with HEA. A sweet & cozy M/M romance. This is the third book in the “Love & Family” series, set in Wellington, New Zealand.


“The “best friend’s little brother” trope is done to perfection here. I loved that while Mort was trying to find his way back to a family he (supposedly) let down, and re-establish his relationship with his best friend, he always put Felix first, even when Felix couldn’t see it.
Lots of feels, tons of UST, very strong sense of family, banter and a little (but enough) steam are some of the things that made this a winner for me.” – Ele at Gay Book Reviews (4/5 stars)

“The story kept me anxiously awaiting what would happen next from start to finish, smiling for most of the ride, so I’d rate this one at around 4 stars and recommend it.” – Todd at My Fiction Nook (4/5 stars)

“A heartwarming love story set in New Zealand that is guaranteed to leave you with feel good vibes.” – OnceUpon_A_BookDream (4/5 stars)

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Cover art: Natasha Snow
Line edit: Heather at HJS Editing
Proofreading: Lynda Lamb at Refinery

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