Better Have Heart

Harrison Campus, #2

Gay Romance Novel Better have Heart by Anyta Sunday and Andy Gallo

They hate everything about each other, so why do they harmonize so well? .

Isaiah Nettles wants a chance. A chance to help his family.  

The prestigious Gage Scholarship will secure his future. He needs this. The competition might be hot, but Darren Gage is a golden child. No way will Isaiah let an entitled rich kid be handed the award. 

But what if Darren is more than an entitled rich kid? 

Darren Gage wants to be seen. Seen as more than just his name. 

The Gage Scholarship will let him shine. He needs this. Sure, Isaiah is insanely sexy – and right to stand up for himself – but he is the competition. 

No way will Darren let just anyone take his legacy. 

But what if Isaiah isn’t just anyone? 

Better Have Heart is an enemies-to-lovers slow-burn M/M romance with an HEA. This new-adult college opposites-attract rich-boy/poor-boy novel can be listened to as a stand-alone.






Now you can listen to it!
Better Have Heart - also available as an audiobook.

Narrator: Nick J. Russo

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Cover art: Cate Ashwood
Line edit: Lynda Lamb at Refinery

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